Princes of Florence


Princes of Florence

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Experience the golden age of the Renaissance from your lofty position in the Italian nobility! Use your resources to support builders, artists, and scholars in their creative pursuits. As a patron of great works, your generosity and diplomacy will elevate the fame and reputation of your family! There can be only one winner, though, so it’s a cutthroat competition to secure your place as the most prestigious Princess or Prince of Florence! This definitive edition of Princes of Florence collects the original game and two expansions, The Muse and the Princess and Cooperative Building. Adding new artwork and sleek graphic design, it’s a must have for old fans and curious newcomers! CONTENTS: 1 Game board, 5 Double-sided Player boards, 5 Double-sided Principality boards, 30 Buildings, 18 Landscapes, 12 Freedoms, 5 Double-sided Reference Sheets, 6 Builders, 7 Jesters, 5 Player Screens, 60 Cards, 5 Pawns, 5 Fame Disks, 1 Round Marker, 50/100 Disks, 1 Starting Player Marker, 58 Money, 21 Automa Cards and 1 Die, 6 Character Cards. Final contents and images subject to change.


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