Orleans: Trade & Intrigue Expansion


Orleans: Trade & Intrigue Expansion

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Orleans: Trade & Intrigue is the second large expansion for the award-winning game Orleans. This expansion adds new place tiles and four new modules: Orders – a new set of cards, each depicting goods and a city. Collect the goods and turn them in at the city for victory points. New Events – a completely new set of 34 Hour Glass Tiles from which 18 are semi-randomly chosen for each game. New Beneficial Deeds – a replacement Beneficial Deeds board providing completely new rewards for sending away your Followers. Intrigue – a replacement Beneficial Deeds board allowing you to attack and hinder your opponents or even steal from them. Capstone Games would like to remind our customer base that selling on Amazon or other 3rd party online platforms is against the company policy of Capstone Games.


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