Hand & Foot Remastered Card Game 8 Player Edition


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How will you choose to play? Holding your cards keeps other players guessing, but puts you at risk. Playing your cards forces other to react. But be careful, you may wish they didn’t.
Four rounds of non-stop action – Each round you must play all the cards your hand, and then your foot, to collect groups of cards called books. You can keep the round going to build more books or end the round as soon as you can to hurt your opponents before they hurt you.
Fun for groups of all types – This fun and strategic game can be played with 3-8 players; plus, it can be played in teams or singles for the ultimate flexibility. Looking for a social and laid-back game? You found it. Or maybe your friends and family have a competitive streak? They will love trying to stick you with negative points. Hand and Foot Remastered can be what you want it to be.
Unique gift – You found it! No matter the occasion: Mother’s or Father’s Day, Christmas, Birthday, Graduation or just because, this is the unique gift they don’t already have.
Includes – 9 decks of 300 GSM, Linen Finish cards, a 25 sheet scorepad for up to 8 players, and the game instructions for singles play.


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